Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dennis Gruending Provides a List of All Agencies Attacked by Harper Government

Dennis Gruending provides a list of all agencies destroyed and/or attacked by the Harper government. Billions for corporations, but he attacks the most vulnerable.

There was an excellent letter to the editor in the PEI Chronicle. The author is worried about poll results, but they mean very little. But they bring up some very compelling reasons to refuse this party another mandate.
This, in my mind, means that 43 per cent of those polled are: OK with voting for the first-ever government to be found in contempt of Parliament;

OK with a government that would rather give rich corporations a $6-billion tax break rather than put that money toward poor seniors, education or health care;

OK with getting rid of Helena Guergis for unproven allegations, yet does nothing to appointed senators who have been charged with election fraud;

OK with a prime minister who, when things don’t go his way, shuts down Parliament not just once but twice;

OK with a government that won more Fossil Awards for doing nothing for climate change than any other country;

OK with a prime minister who had to be forced by Parliament to share papers on Afghan prisoner exchange with other members;

OK with a government that could not win a seat on the United Nations Security Council;

OK with a prime minister who produced a booklet on how to disrupt democratic parliamentary committee meetings;

OK with a prime minister who nearly broke his arm patting himself on his back with 26million taxpayer dollars worth of ads while poor seniors wonder how to pay for their next month’s heating bill;

OK with a prime minister who has probably instructed his members that for every 50 words they speak they must include the words “opposition coalition”. This even though he himself suggested a coalition when he was in opposition.

And the list goes on. In my opinion, this means 43 per cent of those polled either don’t read the same new stories or watch the same TV I watch or there was an error in this poll.
Well said.

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