Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Love the New Student Voting Website But There is a Problem With Compass Link

I love the new student campaign, encouraging young people to vote. It's the only way that they will get things on the table that matter to them.

There is only one problem with their video I posted yesterday. They are telling students to use the Compass survey to determine who they should be voting for.

I went to that site and all of my answers were Liberal giving high scores for their policies. Another person posted on Rabble that he did the same thing for NDP. And yet the results for us both, was that we should be voting Green.

I'm not suggesting that the survey is fixed. Far from it. I'm only suggesting that it might be flawed.

So instead of relying solely on Compass, they should also read the parties platforms before marking their 'X'.

There is also a group promoting strategic voting, which may be the most important campaign of all, because this means 'seats' not just votes. Catch 22 Harper Conservatives.

And for political engagement and activism, there is also:
Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper

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