Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things in Pierre Poilievre's Riding Turn Ugly

The Liberal candidate in Pierre Poilievre's riding of Nepean-Carleton not only had his signs vandalized, but became the target of hate.
I’m extremely disappointed that someone would target our campaign signs in such an organized manner,” said Keon. “I think we all realize that signs do sometimes become damaged in a campaign, however, our signs were directly targeted in different communities across Nepean-Carleton.

“This really is a direct attack on our democracy. This election is about presenting myself as a viable alternative to the current Member of Parliament. I have two young children at home, and I now have to explain to them why their father’s picture on my campaign signs has a bulls-eye on my head. It’s incredibly disturbing to me, my family and to our democracy,” concluded Keon.
This is what happens when you run a campaign on hatred and fear mongering. You incite rather than inspire. Hopefully the message will reach Harper and he'll tone the rhetoric.

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