Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Have Won the Battle Over Potash But Not the War

Cowboy Steve has had a temporary change in strategy over the Potash takeover.

He hadn't counted on anger from the west, and for a man who exploited western alienation, he knew he had to be careful.

Some of the headlines are saying Harper Rejects BHP Bid For Potash Corp.

But that's not true.

C'mon. Harper choosing Canada over multinationals? He'd be kicked out of the club.

All he has done is to postpone it for 30 days, to give him and his corporate buddies time to create a successful ad campaign.

So we can't give up.

Keep writing and phoning.

We got rid of that horrible Kory Teneycke and Fox News North is not (at this time) trying to force us to pay for their damn TV station.

We need our own clever campaign slogans.

"Keep you hands off my ash"

"You don't know our ash from your hole down under" (Australia and all)

They need work.

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