Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Potash Story Reminds us That for Harper Multinationals ALWAYS Come First

There are many stories and op-eds on the potash situation, and while troubling, only further validate that Stephen Harper will always put multinationals before Canadian interests. Always has, always will.

Chantel Hebert believes that it further uncovers problems between the provinces and the federal government. She mentions the National Energy Program that alienated the West, mostly the results of good PR.

Saskatchewan's energy minister has sent a letter to Tony Clement. Even if he could read, he wouldn't care.

The Globe is predicting trouble for Harper in the West over his inability to stop this.

The NDP want the rules with regards to foreign ownership rewritten.

Where will it end?

Call me jaded but I see the corporate sector pouring a lot of money into an ad campaign that will somehow paint Harper as a conquering hero, and the whole thing will just fade away, as Canada loses more of it's soul.



  1. Lose the battle and win the war . .. the biggest mining company in the world arranges with Harper to make hostile bid for Sask's soul .... and Harper gets to ride to the rescue on a white horse . . . next move... bring in the electorate . . . next move the takeover goes through after a review by majority gov't determines that there are enough checks and balances to protect the low paying jobs in the industry for Sask. - Sigh again!