Monday, October 4, 2010

George Galloway Throws Down the Gauntlet. Jason Kenney Weeps.

After threatening to sue Jason Kenney for blocking his entrance to Canada last year, George Galloway is challenging the hapless anti-multiculturalist Jason to a debate.

I'm reminded of a comment I heard several years ago. In a battle of wits Jason Kenney would be unarmed.

Although, I suppose there are enough half-wits in his caucus, that he could glue together.

Nah. Still wouldn't work.
British firebrand politician George Galloway donned a pair of red mittens and clenched his fists Sunday, challenging Canada's immigration minister to a high-noon style boxing showdown. Galloway, who said he fought in his youth, wore the mittens as if they were boxing gloves and urged Jason Kenney to "go five rounds with me." "Jason Kenney, you can run, but you can't hide," Galloway said to cheers from boisterous crowd of 500 spectators who packed a Toronto church to hear him speak.

The cheers from the balcony were often so loud they drowned out Galloway's forceful voice. The audience members stood up to give him several standing ovations. Galloway also challenged Kenney to a public debate and said he would be prepared to stand outside the minister's constituency office in Calgary, and follow Kenney across Canada until he gets one.
There is currently a fundraising drive for poor Jason, to purchase a large supply of Depends. That poor boy will pee in his pants. He's all mouth and when challenged his first impulse is to run. Remember when he removed gay rights from our citizenship guide?


  1. Kenney will back down with the lame
    excuse that he's "busy". He's like
    the neighbour's barking dog and can
    only go as far as his Harper "leash"
    will let him.

    The sweaty Catholic meatball is not
    good for anything except going from
    frying pan to the fire--again and again.

    Only fools keep repeating mistakes.