Thursday, October 27, 2011

So Would Stephen Harper Vote for Rick Perry or Herman Cain?

I originally thought that Stephen Harper had more in common with Rick Perry.  Both are strong advocates of the death penalty, guns and the flat tax.

However, Rachel Maddox revealed something on her program this week, that connects him closer to Herman Cain.  Both Cain and Harper are beholden to the Koch Brothers.
On her show Monday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow noted that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is an avid numerologist who is obsessed with the number 45. She also pointed out numerous links between Cain and the conservative billionaire Koch brothers. For instance, before running for president, he worked for the Koch-funded conservative group Americans for Prosperity.
I mentioned Americans for Prosperity before, not only because they are behind the Tea Party, but because they worked with the Harper government on an ad for U.S. TV, that challenged President Obama's healthcare plan.  You can read about it here.

Sun TV's Ezra Levant spent a summer as a fellow at the Koch Foundation, arranged by Charles Koch himself, and has since written a book Ethical Oil, which should be subtitled The Tarsands Smokescreen.

Stephen Harper is using our tax dollars to build the Koch Brothers a pipeline, which will send all the good jobs in the industry South.

Americans don't want the pipeline, but Obama is under a lot of pressure to accept it, on the basis of job creation.  Having Cain in office would be like having the Koch Brothers in office, and would provide a new BFF for Stephen Harper still moping after losing his Georgie.

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  1. Great post

    Who would SH vote for, I'm not sure. He would probably reform the Canadian Senate to allow for at least two seats to be held by Americans he is beholden to.