Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The End of an Era and a New Beginning

In November of 2009, Bloc Quebecois MP Claude Guimond, was suffering from H1N1, the virus that was making people incredibly sick and costing lives.

However, there was an important vote in the House of Commons that he didn't want to miss, so the Bloc asked the  Conservatives if Guimond could be paired.  This is a procedure where a government MP and an opposition MP agree not to vote for a specific period of time, allowing an MP to be absent.

The Conservatives refused.  They all wanted to make sure that their name appeared on the "yes" side.

The vote was on scrapping the gun registry, and there was a great deal of tension in Canada, because several NDP MPs were going to vote with the government.

Mr. Guimond made the trip, showing up in Parliament wearing a surgical mask.  We won, but it turned out to be bittersweet.  A Harper majority in the House and the Senate, assures that Canada has taken a crucial step toward creating the "gun culture" that the Reform Party always wanted. 

Stephen Harper wrote their gun policy, which will now be written by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson of the NRA.  Canadian culture has been shot in the head.

I love how our compliant media is using headlines like "Conservative keep promise to scrap registry", suggesting that this is a positive thing.  They should read "Conservatives follow through on their threat .... "  They have clearly lost their credibility.

Some provinces want to create their own registry, since it is vital to police, but the government is vowing to destroy all records at a weenie roast and branding hoedown.

The image of the Conservative posse making their announcement with white men holding shotguns, made me think of  the movie Deliverance.    The only thing missing yesterday, were banjos and Ned Beatty's underpants.

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