Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Time For Don Cherry to Hang Up the Ugly Jackets and Retire

The normally bombastic Don Cherry went too far on this week's Coach's Corner, calling those who oppose fighting in the NHL "pukes and hypocrites".

The "pukes and hypocrites" fought back.

A lot of kids watch his rants and what kind of message is he sending?

And what's really alarming is that CBC is supporting him.

Maybe it is time to pull the plug on them. They're becoming more like Fox News than Fox News. Glenn Beck would have loved Cherry. They both act like idiots and get paid megabucks to do it.

Time to remind Canadians just who Cherry really is. Not the hero of the working class, after standing with Rob Ford against them. Just another corporate shill getting rich off the Neocons.

I'm ashamed to say that he's from Kingston.

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