Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Those Forum Research Polls

The media seems to be obsessed with the Forum Research polls, the new guru of the polling industry.

However, I received a call from them on the Ontario election and phoned them back, as they said I could, but never received a reply, as they promised I would.

They asked me who I was voting for, starting with the PCs, then Liberal, NDP, Green.

But then the next question, asked how I had voted in the last federal election, using the same order and format.

PCs, Liberal, NDP, Green.

However, we do not have a PC Party at the federal level.  They folded in 2003.

So either the poll was misleading or this firm has not done their homework.

Such an obvious error certainly questions their credibility, and not offering me an explanation, speaks to their integrity.

What do we know about these guys?

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