Monday, October 17, 2011

I Am So Proud to be Canadian Today

I was afraid that the Occupy Wall Street protests in Canada may not be well attended, given the human rights abuses at the G-20.

But Canadians rock. Being locked in cages, beaten by police and kettled on the streets like livestock, scared no one.

The National Post has some great photos. I love the first one, though I'm not sure why Harper, Flaherty and Clement would show up at this event.

I was also surprised to learn that Canada not only joined the movement, but may have inspired it. According to the Global Post:
It was a homecoming of sorts this weekend as the Occupy Wall Street movement made its way north. Thousands turned out in peaceful protests in more than a dozen cities across Canada, with the largest rally— about 4,000 protesters— appropriately enough in Vancouver, the capital of the country’s laid-back left coast and home to the spark that lit the fuse.

Last July, in a moment of inspiration that’s already become iconic, the Vancouver-based Adbusters magazine printed a centrefold poster urging the angry and disaffected to occupy Wall Street.
How cool is that?


  1. Nice! It was a good turn-out in Toronto too (I hear - shamefully I did not attend).

    Over 1000 people showed up to occupy bay street on Saturday despite the cold, rain and wind.

  2. I wasn't too happy about my home city of Vancouver after the Stanley Cup riots, but this makes up for it. One of those times when I feel a long way from home, 'way out here in Alberta.
    I love Canada. I love it so much I've even started becoming political on my travel blog. Will e-mail you another link, Emily.
    Meanwhile, let's hope Harper (yes, why was he there?) gets the message. Canadians want to be heard!

  3. Great post and I'm happy it was a success!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Did you see this one? More right wing think from Hebert...