Thursday, April 14, 2011

Women Across Canada are Breaking up With Stephen Harper.

If he only had a heart it would be breaking right now.

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  1. The War on Women

    The many ways Steve Harper hates women:’s-hitlist-human-rights-taken-out-commission

    Episode 1: Why Steve Hates Women

    This link below is the US, with a Democratic president.
    Imagine what could happen with a Harper majority government.
    Women's Rights -- The Right's War On Women

    MS Magazine weighs in on Harper’s female troubles

    But as progressive folks up north clucked complacently at U.S. folly, the winds of change were gathering around Canada’s snowy Parliament Hill. In 2006 we elected a minority Conservative government under the leadership of a grey-faced, thin-lipped man named Stephen Harper. In typical Canadian fashion, progressive forces immediately froze in disarray.

    We wrung our hands and hoped his Conservative party’s status as a minority government would keep Harper’s right-wing policies from actually having an impact on our Canadian way of life. We were wrong.

    Harper’s actions against women’s needs epitomize the wide swath of Bush-style policies he has inflicted on Canada in the last four years.

    Women fare worse under Harper: CLC, FAFIA

    A recent report coordinated by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) highlights the sharp decrease in support for women’s issues under the Harper government.

    Ottawa (14 April 2011) - Under the Harper Government, there has been a sharp decrease in institutional and political support in the area of human rights. In particular, protections in place for women and girls have been eroded.

    To read the full report, go to:


    Who could have imagined Canada would need a pro-democracy movement? That thought was expressed at the January 23 Parliament Hill rally to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s two month prorogation of Parliament. By shutting down Parliament, Harper shut down the voice of the people of Canada.

    Silenced yet again, are Canadian women. As if slashing funding to women’s advocacy groups and eliminating the Courts Challenges Program wasn’t enough, Harper has shut down women’s yet voices again - this time on the disappearance of Aboriginal women and a bill to address Canada’s homelessness crisis.

    These issues of vital importance to Canadian women would have tackled on a national scale Canada’s homelessness crisis and the disappearance and murder of more than 500 Aboriginal women since 1970.