Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Are the Conservatives Running a Candidate With Links to Terrorist Group?

In 2006, the Conservative government declared the Tamil Tigers to be a terrorist organization.

Yet in 2009, Stephen Harper took a member of this terrorist organization to Asia with him.

And even more alarming, that same member of the terrorist organization, is now running as a candidate for his party.
The federal Tories, for whom Mr. Paranchothy is now running, banned the Tigers as a terrorist group in Canada in 2006, and its key Canadian support group, the World Tamil Movement, in 2008. The Tigers used suicide bombings, forcibly recruited child soldiers and assassinated politicians in an ultimately fruitless 26-year war of independence in Sri Lanka, which ended in 2009.

Now the Tory candidate for Scarborough Southwest is part of a small group of Toronto-area Tamils, some with links to a Tamil Tigers remnant organization, who recently forged political ties with the federal Tories and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.
What is happening here?

So if Jack Layton was dubbed 'Taliban Jack' because he took offense to Rick Hillier saying that our military's job was to kill people, what should we call Harper, 'Terrorist Steve'?

This party gets more frightening everyday.

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