Friday, April 8, 2011

What is the Role of the Police in the Country Now Known as Harper?

In his book Duty: The Life of a Cop, Julian Fantino praises Guiliano Zaccardelli, the disgraced former RCMP commissioner, who interfered in the 2006 election, helping to win it for Stephen Harper. Of course an endorsement from Fantino is dubious at best. He rose up the ranks because of his friendship with Mike Harris.

He was a terrible cop.

The late James Travers had been writing frequently of the politicizing of the RCMP, and now Tim Harper has picked up the issue. We can't let it go until we are given answers from Stephen Harper himself. (as likely as his ever balancing the books)

But what Zaccardelli did was a very serious offense in a democratic country.

During the 2008 election campaign, Conservative Rob Clarke had a uniformed RCMP officer delivering his lawn signs.

Conservative MP Shelley Glover, told Evan Solomon that "it's a known fact that all criminals vote Liberal and all cops vote Conservative."

And the RCMP often use physical force against journalists daring to ask Stephen Harper a question.

So who do they work for now?

The hiring of Conservative insider Bill Elliot, is only one questionable decision in a long line of questionable decisions.

And learning that the RCMP are screening those attending Conservative rallies, shows that they no longer even pretend to be independent of the Conservative party.

If Stephen Harper gets another mandate, this will only get worse. Lawrence Martin may tell Harper that Canada is not a police state, but our votes or lack thereof, could confirm that it indeed is.

We will be giving him permission to continue this course. Are we really prepared for this?

Vote and vote wisely.

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  1. A senior Mountie commander told the federal government that RCMP Commissioner William Elliott “disrupted” the federal government’s billion-dollar security operation for the G8 and G20 summits – simply by showing up for the events.

    “Despite being advised not to attend the summit command centres on June 25, 2010, the commissioner chose to attend, and in doing so, completely disrupted operations,” Mike McDonell, then an RCMP assistant commissioner, wrote in a letter to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.