Friday, April 8, 2011

Well This is Interesting. Conservative Signs in Quebec Don't Use 'Canada'. Are They Ashamed of Us?

As anyone even closely following this election knows by now, the campaign slogan for the Conservatives is "Here for Canada." Simple, patriotic, pithy -- it's all things parties look for in slogans. It even translates nicely into French: "Ici Pour le Canada."

But Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn is among those who has a different take on his party's "Here for Canada" campaign slogan. His riding of Jonquiere-Alma is in the middle of the Saguenay -- a region of Quebec considered the heartland of the sovereignty movement. A place where many people aren't looking for someone who's "Here for Canada". So Conservative campaign signs in Saguenay make no mention of the possibly offending word "Canada" -- instead the slogan here is "Notre Region au Pouvoir" (Our Region in Power).
Turns out all the Conservative signs in Quebec have 'Canada' left off. Is Harper promoting separatism?

I'd like to know when he's ever been here for Canada. Quebecers don't have to wonder.

At a rally in Kitchener, Steve said that this was the Canada that Conservatives had created. We know that. On May 2, we want our old Canada back. The nice one.

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  1. It's a good thing that the Cons use the "Our region in power" because "our" can indeed refer to all of the voters in a riding, but "our" can also apply to only the conservatives, hence it can be read, "we, the conservatives' region in power." And many Quebecers can see a hidden meaning of "Alberta region in power."

    Not using the word "Canada" is a double-edged sword.

    Also, living in Montreal, we see in the anglophone neighbourhood, the "Here for Canada" slogan.