Friday, April 15, 2011

The Voice of Youth and Their Anti-Harper Site Gets 2 Million Hits

If you want to reach young people, I guess you have to speak their language, and while I don't normally post profanity on my blog, I guess I have to stop acting like a prude.

It's time for a progressive revolution in this country, and if it's the youth who will lead the way, I'll cuss with the best of them.

And we'll start with the pollsters who are deliberately misleading the country. As ShitHarperDid spokesperson says: "The polls don't determine the outcome of an election, the voters do." (You can also join their Facebook page here)

So give it up and get a real job. Or better still join us to turn this country around from Harper's dark democracy.

The Harperites seem determined to silence young voters, but we won't let them.

The website ShitHarperDid has garnered two million hits, so put that in your polls Mr. Nanos.

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  1. The pollsters are only getting those people who have landlines and no caller display. They are missing loads of not-so-conservative voters. I think the polls are about as useful as the mandatory long form census. NOT!