Friday, April 15, 2011

Ding Dong the Students Won. Chalk one up For Democracy

Mad Stevie tried to have the votes at the University of Guelph annulled, but guess what?

Democracy prevailed and mad Stevie, who wouldn't know democracy if it jumped up and bit him on the snozz, now has a lot to worry about.
GUELPH — Votes cast by approximately 700 students in a special ballot held Wednesday at the University of Guelph are valid, Elections Canada ruled Friday afternoon. In a letter sent Thursday to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, the Tories alleged the polling station was not sanctioned by Elections Canada; partisan election material was on display near the ballot box; and, scrutineers from the various parities were not present.

In a blanket statement, Elections Canada ruled against the Conservative claims. “All information at our disposal indicates that the votes were cast in a manner that respects the Canada Elections Act and are valid,” according to a statement issued nationally by Elections Canada.
Canada's youth. They're coming for you Stevie.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. I'm not so sure we should call this a victory. Elections Canada also said they wouldn't allow more special ballots.

    I assume this isn't an isolated case and that ballots which were geared towards traditionally non-participating but also non-Tory groups, like students, are now being shut down.

  2. I think they will probably still allow them but they will be scrutinized. Many seniors and disabled people need this option.

  3. The official statement from EC is that no more special ballots like those at Guelph will be conducted.

    The statement seems to apply to any that haven't been approved by the chief electoral officer in advance of a campaign, so I assume that those which did receive approval will be allowed to remain open.