Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Rise Up and Make Voting a Social Event

Vote mobs are taking over as young people are trying to make voting a social event. What a wonderful idea.

We have 'Oscar' parties and 'Super Bowl' parties, why not voting parties? A BBQ and then everyone heads to the polls. Back home to wait for the results, cheering on your favourite. Make it a day worth remembering.

Maybe you could even run a pool, guessing just how wrong the pollsters will be this election. They are not listening to the youth who may very well make history.
The vote mob – a video, posted to the Internet, of a huge and upbeat crowd of students running around a campus, or onto a field, or down a city street, with signs saying they plan to vote – started at the University of Guelph, west of Toronto. It was a direct response to Mr. Mercer’s rant, with the overriding message: “Surprise, we’re voting.”

The Guelph vote-mob team set up a website called that challenged students at other campuses to follow its lead. And they did. At last count, there were 35 vote mobs organized across Canada. Other videos have been made in places like McGill and Ottawa and Victoria and Calgary and many more vote-mob gatherings are scheduled for this week.
Nik Nanos out, "social media in.

Warren Kinsella says: Give Harper a majority and you won’t recognize Canada. But we are pushing to have Stephen Harper voted out completely. Look at the damage he's done with a minority. We'll be years salvaging our reputation, not to mention the devastation of living under a private healthcare system.

Come on all my fellow Baby Boomers. Are we going to let the young pups show us up?

Vote and vote wisely. RISE UP!

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