Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, Oh! Harper's Economic Fairy Tale Taking a Long Walk off a Short Pier

If the media sat down for a minute, during those lull times when they've asked their five questions and then wonder what in heck they are going to do with the rest of their day, they might take out a notebook and paper and do some cyphering ... yes, I said cyphering ... in my best Jethro Bodine.

Carry the "knot" ... "not" ... how ever he did that.

Because the Canadian economy is on life support and the posturing of Flaherty and Harper over their handling of the economy is all smoke and mirrors. I mentioned in this post that Goldman Sachs was already warning their clients not to invest in Canada. Harper put all of our eggs into the tarsands and they are coming up rotten.

Ralph Surette writes: Harper's unstable economic bubble Alberta's on a collision course and our inflated dollar is posing threat to manufacturing.
Alas, despite the huge wealth of its oil boom, the Alberta government is all but bust: deficits in the billions, schools and hospitals being cut back to pinch pennies, inadequate infrastructure, and accumulated oil money from the past being depleted to pay the bills. All this is the result of basically giving it away to oil companies -- in the middle of a resources boom!
This party has no vision. The best they can flog is to lower corporate taxes and somehow it will all go away. Voodoo economics.

The Liberals have cleaned up Conservative messes before and they'll do it again.

On May 2, vote and vote wisely.


  1. The two main problems I have with Harper are:

    1. He blew a $ 14 BILLION Liberal surplus & racked up a $ 64 BILLION Con deficit

    2. He’s killing democracy in Canada

  2. G&M: If Steve Harper’s an economist, I’m the Queen of Sheba.

    The ammunition to bury the Conservatives is overwhelming. Yet a majority of Canadians still don’t see it.


    repost from Open Democracy 6:26 PM on February 18, 2011

    Other than himself, Stephen Harper's worst enemy is his inability to deliver on many issues. In Budget 2010, he promised that budget freezes would help reduce the deficit by $6.8 billion over five years. It sounded great on paper, however, since then, departmental plans show that a tiny and insignificant fraction of the necessary staff cuts will be made.

    Here are the details of yet another flip flop by the Harper government: