Monday, April 4, 2011

The Tea Party Must be Writing Harper's Policies. Why Would Women Ever Vote For Harper or the GOP?

Dennis Gruending provided a list of all the agencies attacked by Stephen Harper. This week Bill Maher discussed all the agencies the Tea Party/Republicans want to axe.

Darn it all if the lists are not the same. Different agency names, but the same theme. Planned parenthood, education, the arts, public broadcasting (CBC), healthcare, poverty.

But the real hit list for both is women. Women with jobs. Radical feminists with jobs. Radical feminists who wish they could find a job.

Republican Officials Cut Head Start Funding, Saying Women Should Be Married And Home With Kids.

Harper's family tax plan, that kicks in about the same time as I enter a retirement home .... who am I trying to kid? I'll never be able to afford a retirement home ... about the same time as I'm living in the car in my son's driveway ... also just benefits married couples. And then only if the main "bread winner" earns a cazillion dollars a year.

Do you think they sit down together over .. hmmm tea .. and carve out their policies on a clay tablet?

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