Monday, April 4, 2011

Stephen Harper Trying to Muzzle Detainee Report. What's he Afraid of?

It would appear that Stephen Harper is again refusing to be accountable to Canadians, about what he knew and when, of the abuse of Afghan Detainees:
The Conservative government quietly went to Federal Court last week hoping to impose limits on what a military watchdog can say in its final report into torture allegations involving Afghan prisoners. The Military Police Complaints Commission is currently reviewing evidence and writing its report after hearings into allegations that army cops turned a blind eye to suspected abuse in Afghan jails.

Federal lawyers successfully argued in 2009 that the commission's investigation of complaints launched by Amnesty International and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association should be limited to what military police knew — or should have known — about possible torture of prisoners by Afghan jailers. The Harper government went even further last week in two days of hearings and challenged the definition of what military cops could have known.
Same old, same old.

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