Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stephen Harper is Obviously Lying About Being Unaware of Carson's Criminal Past

Harper's tight control over every single thing in his government, makes it difficult for him to suggest that he didn't know that Carson had a criminal past.

And Carson himself says that Harper's office was well aware of his past and were OK with it.
Bruce Carson was convicted on five counts of fraud three more than previously known, and received court-ordered psychiatric treatment before becoming one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's closest advisers. And his lawyer told The Canadian Press that Mr. Carson disclosed his entire criminal record during a security check that was required to become a senior staffer in the Prime Minister's Office.
Jack Layton says he doesn't buy Harper's line, but the best quote goes to Gilles Duceppe who tweeted that "Harper should have invited Carson to a #CPC rally - then he would have been screened."

I love Gilles Duceppe. He's just spot on all the time.

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