Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harper's Campaign is Being Compared to George Bush's

Stephen Harper's "Bubble" campaign is being compared to George Bush's. Only invited guests who lob soft questions. Limited access. Nothing left to chance. But it may be backfiring, because the biggest news this campaign is Harper's secrecy, and the lengths he's prepared to go to in attempt to avoid the public.

Michael Ignatieff rightfully calls it "un-Canadian".

They spurned a veteran advocate.

Used Facebook to screen crowd, ejecting two young girls because of photos on their Facebook page.

Even the National Post is critical, sorta', kinda'.

Warren Kinsella brings up the point of the media travelling with Harper, being almost stagehands (my words) for Harper's one man act. They are not "reporting" but have become theatre critics.

Maybe they should start out with "the role of leader will be played by Stephen Harper"

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