Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Inspiring Speech. RISE UP! No More "So What?"

A great speech by Michael Igantieff, as he says what I've been saying for months.

We have got to rise up and demand better. We deserve better.

Paul Martin will be joining the Liberal campaign, and if anyone can talk finance and rebuke Harper's economic blah, it's him.

And James Laxer reminds us of The Great Disconnect: Stephen Harper’s Platform and What Canadians Really Want
There is a yawning gap between the platform Stephen Harper is presenting to the Canadian people and what Canadians tell pollsters are their major concerns. The dangerous disconnect between what the people want and the plans of those who control the state is all too clear in our fraying democracy.

Canadians list health care and jobs as their top priorities. Harper’s leading issues are: corporate tax cuts, crime, jet fighters, deficit reduction, and income splitting. A Fortress North America security deal with the United States is very much on his to-do list. Further down the list is the privatization of CBC television and a much expanded role for religious organizations in the delivery of social policy.
Stephen Harper is the absolute wrong fit for this country.

So come on. RISE UP!


  1. A Reformed Conservative comments on the Liberal platform:

  2. If I may say so, a more grammatically accurate French would be "Lève-toi, Canada!"

    I agree of course with everything you say.