Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Kingston Alicia Gordon Has Lost the Support of the Veterans

A rally in Kingston, Ontario, caught Conservative candidate, Alicia Gordon off guard.

Was she really ignorant to the abuse that veterans have received at the hands of the Harper government?
The Conservatives have made support for the troops an integral part of their party brand, but when the first ever veterans' ombudsman recently blasted the government for denying veterans adequate benefits it exposed a sense of betrayal felt by soldiers and their families who thought they would be better off with Harper, said a Canadian Forces veteran and longtime advocate for disabled soldiers.
Retired colonel Pat Stogran was fired from his job as veteran advocate because he dared to challenge Conservative policy.
During his tenure, Stogran said that he repeatedly came up against a culture of inaction among senior officials. "I was told by a senior Treasury Board analyst, who shall remain nameless, that it is in the government's best interest to have soldiers killed overseas rather than wounded because the liability is shorter term," he said.
Veterans views as long term liabilities who should have died on the battlefield?

That's supporting the troops?


  1. The Liberal Party gutted the military during the 90's when Paul Martin was Minister of Finance. We still haven't recovered. The Tories have rolled out numerous policies for Veterans. When they haven't measured up Veterans groups stand up and let them know, and they listen. It's a work in progress.

  2. The Liberals had no choice with the mess Mulroney left. Paul Martin poured more money into the military. Harper is spending but no value