Sunday, April 17, 2011

Come On Albertans Rise Up. You Can do it!

Michael Ignatieff held a rally in Alberta recently that was well attended.
...approximately an hour before ignatieff took center stage the hall was full to capacity. in fact, the cordoned off portion of the hall had to be opened in order to accommodate the larger-then-expected crowd.

... attendants were from a variety of backgrounds: children, teenagers, young adults, elderly, and visible minorities. people that stood behind ignatieff were liberal party candidates some of who had come from areas outside edmonton- a sharp contrast to how stephen harper stages his audience; from the attendants of the rally (via security check), to who is filmed looking interested in what he is saying.

... first to speak was paul martin. he energized the crowd, talking about the fiscal responsibility of the economy, state of health care, and Canada's pension plan under the liberal party banner before government handover to the conservative party (circa 2006) .... then michael ignatieff took stage.
If you read the Globe you'd get no sense of how well received the Liberal leader was.

Maybe Albertans are tired of being seen as religious extremists and rednecks, given the MPs from that province who are representing them.

Maybe they'll rise up this election and vote for their honour.

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  1. Wonderful to know lots of people showed up to see Ignatieff in Alberta.