Saturday, April 9, 2011

If the RCMP Want to Poke Me They'll Have to Buy me Dinner First

There is a funny column in the Globe, relating to the RCMP now screening and removing dissidents (NDP or Liberal supporters) from Harper's staged rallies.

If Harper's Mounties want to poke me, they'll have to friend me first
I usually vote Liberal. I'm putting that up front, to save any RCMP officer burdened with the task of Googling me from having to search long. Also, my Facebook page is set to Private, guys. I think I did you a favour there, because I imagine that you've seen the cute video with the twins talking to each other a lot now, and I'm not on Facebook often anyway. If I had a party affiliation and it changed, I might not update it for weeks. If you can access my page, fine. Just don't “poke” me or send me multiple invites to your one-man show, Man Without Horse.
It's funny and a good read, though it would be funnier if it wasn't true. Now it's just frightening.

So what will it cost the RCMP if they want to "poke" you?

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