Thursday, March 3, 2011

I May be Through With Dalton McGuinty for Not Calling an Inquiry into the G-20 Abuse

Martha Hall-Finlay is pushing for an inquiry into the police abuse at the G-20 weekend from hell. But Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's premier, appears to be pulling a Stephen Harper, and refusing to provide answers.
Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay is suspicious of any government that rejects calls for a public inquiry into alleged abuses of power by police during the protests at the G20 summit in Toronto last summer. So what does Dalton McGuinty have to hide? On Monday, Ontario Liberal Premier McGuinty shrugged off calls for that public inquiry being made by Findlay herself and others in Ottawa on the same day.
If he continues with this, I'm done. Anyone who watched the Fifth Estate this week can settle for nothing but a full public inquiry.

Why did Stephen Harper give a single source contract to a firm no one ever heard of? Why did he not step in to protect Canadian citizens, but instead showed images on the videotron, telling the delegates that that was the reason why he spent so much for security.


To beat up those who oppose his government? There is no other explanation.

Even the police board was shocked by the images.

Anyone know anything about Andrea Horwath?


  1. I suspect his enacting of the Public Works Act in secret and its purposeful misinterpretation by Blair without his intervention is something he wants to keep hush hush. The unwarranted arrest, searches, and general behaviour of the police in violating the Canadian Charter of Rights was a direct result of this misinterpreted law.

  2. Covering up Faustian deals made at all levels.