Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just When You Thought Jason Kenney Couldn't Get More Despicable

An internal memo was sent to an NDP MP by mistake, distributed by Jason Kenney, suggesting that he will need $ 200,000.00 to “Target Ridings that are Very Ethnic”.

Exploiting ethnic communities, while making it clear that immigration posters are strictly "No Muslims" allowed. What a horrible little man.
The NDP made a splash in question period today when they released a fund-raising letter accidentally sent from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s office to NDP MP Linda Duncan, instead of Conservative MP John Duncan. Big oops.

The letter said the CPC needed $200,000 from party riding associations to make its ethnic campaign –”Building the Conservative Brand in Cultural Communities” — a success. (Hey, that’s only about $650 per. Pony up, everyone.)
People in those communities are Canadians and deserve respect as Canadians. They are not pawns in Jason Kenney's little game.

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