Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kingston Ontario Chooses Sarah Palin to Run For the Conservatives

I was just reading the announcement of the new Conservative candidate for Kingston, Ontario, and it gave me quite a chuckle.

Alicia Gordon is a local auctioneer, and in fact her husband Barry had run for the old PC Party against Peter Milliken, back in the day. And despite the fact that the headline 'PC Nod Goes to Auctioneer', there is no federal PC Party in Canada now. They disbanded in 2003.

I hope Alicia Gordon knows that or she could waste a lot of money on campaign literature.

The other item that struck me was when she said she was going to turn Kingston Tory Red. Red is not the colour of Harper's party. It's blue.

And the third strike was in her priorities. She's running on a platform of strengthening social programs.

Alicia Gordon meet Stephen Harper. His platform is all about eliminating them.

Maybe someone should give her the Conservative (Reform-Alliance) policy book. The blue one.


  1. This poor lady. She might be laboring under a delusion, thinking she is doing a good thing, but instead she's shooting herself in the foot.

  2. Her husband was PC who ran right after Flora MacDonald. I voted for him. A nice guy. I also attended Alicia's auctions often. She has an aggressive nature which put a lot of people off, but I liked her.

    I hope to have an opportunity to speak with her to see if she fully understands what she's getting into, though she's really not a stupid women.

    In the meantime, I have to make sure that people in Kingston are aware that this is not the party of Flora MacDonald or Sir John, two famous Kingston Conservative names. And definitely not PC.