Friday, September 3, 2010

Stephen Harper is Recalibrating While Rasputin Takes a Runner

So the news today is that Stephen Harper is recalibrating ... again.

Who is he? The Bionic Man? Made up of scraps from the Wreck of the Hesper?

But it is good news that Rasputin is taking a runner. Guy Giorno metaphorically threw Mike Harris and his royal family into a ditch, now he's tossing the faux Tories in after them.

Good riddance.

But I swear if one more media personality fawns over Harper's handling of the recession, I'm going to scream.

C'mon Ibbitson. You're smarter than that.

Without even getting into the smoke and mirrors financial mess, let's look at how he's going about convincing us that's he economically prudent.

Fighter Jets, prisons and corporate tax cuts, while putting an end to public health care.

And the media keeps letting him get away with it. Unbelievable.

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