Friday, September 3, 2010

Gail Lethbridge is Right Stevie. We're Just Not That Into You.

Columnist Gail Lethbridge wrote an inspiring piece for the Chronicle Herald: Thanks for the flowers, Stephen, but we’re just not that into you. She wanted to let Stevie down gently, so sent him a lovely letter. It's very funny. Be sure to read it through.
There’s no question that you’ve put a lot of energy into visiting us in every part of this big country, holding our babies, flipping our burgers, announcing and re-announcing goodies for everyone.

How could we not blush?

But there is a problem, and it’s not with you. It’s us.

We’re just not that into you, Stephen.

Sorry, but giving you a majority is a big step for us. We aren’t sure we’re ready to go all the way with you.

You see, Stephen, we’re not convinced we’d be compatible in the long term. I mean, we’re Canadians. We’re a moderate people. We don’t go for that hard ideological edge you sometimes show.
I don't want Stevie going away mad. I just want him to go away and take his gang of misfits with him.

I'd like to say it's been fun, but the truth is, it's been pure hell.

But I dedicate this to you Stevie, just so you know that there are no hard feelings.


  1. One of those "I wish I'd written that" kind of moments.
    Gail and Emily, you both rock.

  2. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing about Gail's piece. "I wish I'd written that" Brilliant