Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stephen Harper's Comedy Act Takes a Sinister Turn as he Accuses Canadians of Being Evil

Our gutless dictator would not even show enough respect for Parliament to visit the Governor General to prorogue Parliament (aka: avoid answering questions on possible war crimes and where in the hell our money went). Instead he phoned her.

And he did not show enough respect for Canadians to announce his spineless decision himself, but instead sent the despicable little PP to spread the news (What, Dimmy Witty was too busy boiling up toads?)

Well, he really went all out in his latest stand up routine, suggesting that Canadians are far too self involved to care about the horrible torture of Afghan Detainees; despite the fact that many were innocent, but simply removed from their families, never to be heard from again.

For his sake, he'd better be right; for our sake, he'd better be wrong. Either he has really miscalculated the Canadian people, or his four years in power really has turned us into an evil lot.

So after days in hiding, the monster came out to growl and snarl at democracy, and lie about how he's worrying over the economy. But he promises some lovely photos.

I think Ari Fleischer may have written this drivel. At least I hope he's doing something to earn the $ 25,000.00 a month we're paying him.

People don't care about Afghan detainee issue: Harper
Les Whittington Ottawa Bureau
January 5, 2010

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians aren't really concerned about allegations that the government engaged in a cover-up over the abuse of Afghan detainees. "I think polls have been pretty clear that that's not on the top of the radar of most Canadians," Harper said in an interview with CBC-TV correspondent Peter Mansbridge.

The government had been on the defensive late last year over allegations that it tried to cover up information that Afghan authorities were abusing Afghan detainees after they were handed over by Canadian soldiers. And opposition MPs say Harper decided to suspend Parliament until March to shut down a House of Commons committee probing the detainee controversy ....

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