Sunday, January 17, 2010

One of the Funniest Videos I've Ever Seen and People Take to the Streets in Mississauga

There's no embedding but link here. It is so funny.

Harper's latest attempt to become supreme ruler has brought out the creativity of many Canadians. Great photo shop images and videos.

And people in Mississauga took to the streets in the run up to the rallies on January 23.

I don't think our dictator Stevie expected anything like this.

Students take to the street

It started on Facebook. Now, it’s spilling out onto the streets.

While nearly 200,000 people are members of the Facebook group, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, yesterday was the first-ever street protest and it happened in Mississauga. Nearly 50 concerned citizens of mixed ages and backgrounds gathered around Conservative Mississauga–Erindale MP Bob Dechert’s office to voice their anger.

“These are ordinary constituents here, and each one probably represents 10,000 other concerned citizens,” said Liberal Mississauga–South MP Paul Szabo, who attended the protest ....

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