Friday, January 1, 2010

Irwin Cotler Working Diligently to Induce Trade Sanctions on Iran

With Jason Kenney gone completely off the deep end, and Herr Harper in hiding; it's nice to know that someone is being responsible with the threat from Iran.

Things are very volatile in the Middle East right now. The Iraq war has made that country unstable, and many resources are tied up in Afghanistan.

We also have to be very careful not to give Charles Mcvety or John Hagee any kind of power. Those fruitcakes just want war at any cost.

But Irwin Cotler, is working to find a peaceful solution, and while no one can rule out war, all other measures must be looked at first; starting with trade sanctions.

Unfortunately, with Parliament closed down, the motion he's working on won't see the light of the day until March, unless someone can restore democracy to Canada. But at least Mr. Cotler is doing his job.

Cotler heads drive to stop Iran threat
December 31, 2009

Canadian human rights activist and former justice minister and attorney-general Irwin Cotler revealed at a Jerusalem press conference on Wednesday a petition he is spearheading that calls on governments and the UN to take immediate and massive diplomatic and economic action against Iran. Cotler accused the Iranian government of violating international law regarding nuclear weapons development, incitement to genocide, state-sponsored terrorism and human rights.

Other speakers at the press conference included Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz, who spoke from the US, British MP Denis MacShane, who spoke from London, Bassam Eid, executive director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group and Prof. Suzanne Stone of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. All have signed the petition, which includes documents and eyewitness testimony describing Teheran's violations in all four areas, according to Cotler. It also includes a "road map" of sanctions and remedies that the world should apply against the Iranian government to force it to cease its alleged violations of international law ... .

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