Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harper's Tyranny Has Awakened Canadians as he Takes a Huge Hit in the Polls

Harper may have thought that he could control the people he always professed to hate, but guess what? Canadians seemed to have finally awaken from their political slumber, and realized that they don't want to live in a dictatorship.

We kind of like our little democratic country, even if we are, as Harper so aptly put it; "a second-rate socialist country", too stupid to even know our own history.

Well I guess we're not as stupid as he'd hoped, because he's now at 31% in the polls and the Liberals are at 30. And the Facebook group Canadians Against Prorogation has 181,600 members.

Poor bugger. He so wanted an election in March, but what's he going to do now? He might have to actually craft a real budget, and not the hate literature he had planned to present to force us to the polls.

Prorogation hammers Conservative support in polls
John Ibbitson
January 13, 2009

Voter support for the Conservative government has dropped sharply in the wake of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament.

A poll released Wednesday by The Strategic Counsel shows the Conservatives with 31 per cent support, a full 10 points down from October, when the firm last surveyed Canadians.

The Liberal Party is at 30 per cent, which essentially has them tied with the Tories, given the poll’s margin of error of 2.3 per cent. They were at 28 per cent in October. The NDP is at 18 per cent, up four points, and the Greens are holding steady at 10 per cent.

“People are unhappy with the government’s decision to prorogue Parliament,” said Tim Woolstencroft, managing director of the polling firm. This reaction confounds the predictions of pundits who thought most voters wouldn’t care whether Parliament was sitting or not.

“The elites didn’t think it would have legs,” Mr. Woolstencroft said, “but clearly voters believe that governments need to be held to account.”

Another poll released Wednesday, this one by Angus Reid, has 48 per cent of Canadians saying they are following the prorogation story “very closely” or “moderately closely,” up 14 points since the first week of January.

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