Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harper Insider Tom Flanagan Says Conservatives are Acting Like Children

Tom Flanagan has been speaking out a lot lately about where Stephen Harper has been taking the party. He even recently praised Michael Ignatieff as a role model and revealed that he indeed knew about Harper's 2004 coalition, that included the full support of the Bloc.

But will this interview get him banned from the party? Apparently Brian Mulroney was given the heave ho. Stephen Harper does not allow any dissent.

It's interesting that Shelly Glover is claiming not to have ever heard of him. Where has she been? Flanagan has been by Harper's side for years and handled both the 2006 and 2008 election campaigns. But then Shelly Glover wanted to give water bottles with the Conservative logo to school children as a 'reward'. And she's not much into free speech either.

The Equivocator has an excellent article on Harper's flapping in the wind, that's worth a read. He brings up some of the same points as Flanagan. He just can't seem to get his act together.

Constant Inconstancy; Being the Lamentable Tragedy of Stephen, Minister of Canada

The Prime Minister believes that it is Canada’s system of democracy that causes uncertainty, which leads to negative effects on Canada’s economy. Unfortunately, PM Harper is not as constant as the northern star. His interview with BNN came a full thirteen days after his decision to prorogue parliament by phone and the PMO, as well as the Conservative Party of Canada, have provided many different justifications for locking parliament’s doors for a full three months instead of having all 308 MPs return on January 25th. ...

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