Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dawson Bayliss Gives us One More Reason to Rethink Afghanistan

The tragic story of this young soldier should be yet another wake up call for us to rethink this damn war.

24 years old. 24.

Sadly though his story is not unique, when it comes to the politics surrounding this 'mission'. The family of Stuart Langridge can attest to that.

Our young men and women are trying to stabilize a country for commercial interests. If we really want to support the troops, we must demand that they be brought home.

DiManno: This soldier died fighting the system

Dawson Bayliss died in his sleep on Nov. 23, 2009, lying alongside his pregnant wife in their Calgary home. "I heard him gasping for air," recalls Naomi Bayliss, eyes moistening. "That's what woke me up. His whole body was convulsing. His fists were balled up and his eyes were rolling back. I tried shaking him but he was totally unresponsive."

Naomi lunged for the phone and called 911. Paramedics arrived within minutes. "I'd just given him four breaths and they were there." Despite intense efforts to revive him, Bayliss was pronounced dead at the scene within the hour. A preliminary finding by the medical examiner said death resulted from lack of oxygen to the brain that caused swelling. Bayliss was 24 ....

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