Monday, January 9, 2012

What if This Happened to You?

What if you went into work today and were told that you would have to take a 50% wage cut?  Could you pay your mortgage?  Your rent?  Your bills?  Feed your family?

Think about that.  Your pay cut in half.

Well that's what's happening in London, Ontario.  After purchasing Electro-Motive Diesel, Caterpillar Inc. is playing tough, using the same tactics they used in Illinois, when that state proposed an increase in the corporate tax rate.  Staunch Republicans, Caterpillar threatened to move to a state less union friendly.

They even offered to help the governor, a Democrat, balance their books on the backs of workers.

“The state unfortunately continues to put off the tough decisions” about potential reductions in government spending and pension costs, Dugan said. He said Caterpillar was offering to advise the governor on cost-cutting based on the company’s own experience chopping pay and laying off workers during the 2008-09 recession."
At the same time, they quadrupled their CEO's compensation.  In the third quarter of 2011, Caterpillar posted profits of close to $15,000,000 per day, a 44% increase over the previous year, so they certianly have no excuse for their attack on Canadian workers.

One London Ontario employee commented that he missed Glen Pearson.  Pearson was the object of a smear campaign by the Conservatives, for which it would appear, the new MP, Susan Truppe, paid a mere 18,362.50, to Campaign Research, the Conservative run company that handled Rob Ford's campaign and admit to being behind the bogus phone calls in Irwin Cotler's riding.

Who said you can't buy an election?

And what is Susan Truppe doing to help the London workers?  Absolutely nothing.  And what is the photo-op king, seen above with Cat workers doing?  Absolutely nothing.  Like his hero, the only man to out photo-op him, he is standing with big business.

Occupy London is planning a rally, calling on International workers to join the fight.  Caterpillar is already in trouble with their shareholders, because of their actions in Gaza.  And maybe Greenpeace could lend support, since Cat has also faced heavy fines for their continued attacks on the environment.

So join the London workers on January 21 if you can, and if you are unable to attend, at least send them a message of encouragement.

Stephen Harper not only holds a majority, but also controls the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Governor General.  All we have left is each other.


  1. "And what is Susan Truppe doing to help the London workers? Absolutely nothing."

    Exactly. Canadian members of Parliament are supposed to represent their constituents first and foremost. It wouldn't hurt to send a reminder to Ms. Truppe about her responsibilities:

  2. I am definitely there in spirit. And I will never forget that a Caterpillar bulldozer killed Rachel Corey.