Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich Thanks Harper for Being a Pro-American Conservative

Rick Santorum may get his fashion tips from Stephen Harper, but Newt Gingrich likes the whole package.  The first truly pro-American prime minister of Canada.  What's not to love?

What Newt doesn't understand is the power of the people, who are just as determined to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline, as they were the XL.
While blasting President Barack Obama for rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline and the thousands of jobs it has been estimated it would create, Gingrich warned Canada will send its oil to China instead.  And he praised Harper, too.
"What Prime Minister Harper -- who, by the way, is conservative and pro-American -- what he has said is he's gonna cut a deal with the Chinese and they'll build a pipeline straight across the Rockies to Vancouver," Gingrich said Saturday night. "We'll get none of the jobs, none of the energy, none of the opportunity.
Maybe Harper and Newt could go on Dancing with the Stars.  A much better couple than Manning and Gingrich.  Their steps are perfectly timed.


  1. But a Canadian Prime Minister who will gladly "create a Chinese-Canadian partnership is not truly a danger to this country"?

  2. "who, by the way, is conservative and pro-American" !!! oh yeah?
    Gingrich was only stating a fact Canadians are just now beginning to wake up to — Harper is pro-American, NOT pro-Canadian. You (and to a much lesser extent I) have been saying it for years, Harper will sell us out to the US but right now Obama won't let him.
    Sure, let's see Stevie And The Newt on "Dancing with the Stars". We can boo and hiss and throw lettuce (symbolic for how much Harper will let us have opinions in our own country).

  3. kay l. davis yourwrong he is Both and we have woke up thats why we voted for him. what newt ment was he was friendly to americans not like cretien and paul martin. why is it everytime we be come friends with americans you lefties think were selling out.