Thursday, January 5, 2012

Canadians Love Chiquita Bananas so Consiga una Vida Levant

Ezra Levant really outdid himself on Fox News North, Stephen Harper's personal aping station, by telling Chiquita International senior vice-president Manuel Rodriguez, to basically go screw his mother ... in Spanish.

So much class.

What got Ezie in a tizzy?  Chiquita joined thousands, and thousands, (did I mention thousands?) of others who actually know that the Tar sands are the most polluting region on the planet.  Is Levant going to swing out at all of them?

Did Harper and his chimps really think that there would be no backlash to their decision to back out of Kyoto?  Does he think that Canada can survive on the Petro dollar?

Levant should stick to picking lice off Brian Lilley's back and leave journalism to the more advanced species.

As for me, I'm stocking up on bananas.  All Chiquita.

So Levant:  consiga una vida!


  1. You certainly out did yourself on this one Em. He who sell Asbestos criticizing those who sell Bananas! What nonsense Ezra Levant propagates on SunTV

  2. My husband sells Registered Education Savings Plans. He sells a lot of them to the people who work at the tar sands. They all want their children to get good educations so they won't have to work at the tar sands.
    Ask some one those people what they think of the place. They don't want their children to be there any longer than is absolutely necessary.

  3. Go ahead and stock up on Middle East Oil while you're at it then. Fund those regimes that still execute people for sorcery each year, and toss women in jail for being the victims of rape. Whether or not we like it or not, oil is the only readily available fuel that EVERY industry in the world is dependent on, which every industry uses in some way to manufacture over 99% of goods in the world (even transporting bananas).

    If the choice is between pollution and poverty, I choose pollution

  4. Chiquita is not without reproach (human rights violations). Yet I am stocking on pineapples. All Chiquita.

    It is funny when right-wing people mention the Middle East regimes they have had for allies for years... apparently money has no odour...

    Pollution will bring poverty. It already does.