Thursday, April 14, 2011

Women Upset With Harper Still Threatening Gun Registry

The National Post has an article today: Leaders' Debate Reveals Conservative Contempt for Women

During the debates Harper tried to defend his determination to get rid of the gun registry, prompting Michael Ignatiff to ask how he could abolish something that protected women, not to mention front line police officers.

He is also threatening a huge omnibus crime bill that will be devastating to Canadians.

Now an ad hoc group of women, representing several organizations, has come out to publicly denounce his plans.
In an unprecedented abuse of the democratic process, the Harper government now proposes to consolidate multiple Conservative crime bills into a single bill, literally ramming it through Parliament at breakneck speed, without any meaningful discussion or debate, and regardless of the consequences to ordinary Canadians. If passed into law, the bill will cost Canadian taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, while putting the safety of women and children at significant risk, says the Ad Hoc Coalition for Women's Equality and Human Rights.

"Stephen Harper bragged about his plan to implement his proposed Law and Order Agenda in tonight's leaders' debate, but didn't mention women once. He proposes to "get tough on crime" but abandons proven strategies that actually keep women and children safe, such as gun control. In fact, his agenda will not help women and children who are victimized. "Our government should be investing these billions in child care, affordable housing, social, educational and health services, all of which are proven means to prevent crime and benefit all Canadians," said Kim Pate of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies.
And Cheryl Gallant is also taking a lot of heat over the issue, but for different reasons. Could this be her swan song?

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