Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Would Jason Kenney Assume That All Jewish Canadians Agree With Him?

It's a very dangerous game that Jason Kenney is playing, with the help of his little Neocon adviser Alykhan Velshi. Velshi worked with a group often dubbed the Cheney family think tank, that sought to change the opinion of Americans, feeling that Palestine was garnering too much sympathy.

There is another group, Independent Jewish voices who also condemn Israel for war crimes.

Soon into the election, Kenney spoke at a Jewish high school, where he tried to recruit students to canvass for them. But had they taken him up on his offer, they would have lost their status as a charity.

Politicians speak at high schools all the time, but asking students to canvass for your party is something else altogether.

Kenney really crossed a line here.

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