Friday, April 1, 2011

Those Liberal Women. They Rock

After posting my piece on what will happen to women's rights if we give Harper another mandate, someone sent me a link to an articlefrom February's Ms magazine. They also discuss the erosion of our rights under Harper.
In 2006 we elected a minority Conservative government under the leadership of a grey-faced, thin-lipped man named Stephen Harper. In typical Canadian fashion, progressive forces immediately froze in disarray. We wrung our hands and hoped his Conservative party’s status as a minority government would keep Harper’s right-wing policies from actually having an impact on our Canadian way of life. We were wrong.

“I’d say Tricky Dick Nixon in character,” says longtime Canadian feminist writer Michele Landsberg, when asked which U.S. president Harper most resembles, “But Nixon wasn’t so vicious.” Harper’s actions against women’s needs epitomize the wide swath of Bush-style policies he has inflicted on Canada in the last four years.
It's well worth a read.

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