Monday, April 11, 2011

Stephen Harper's "Reckless" Prison Expansion Plans

Despite calling Liberals "tax and spend" and sounding the alarm on their "wasteful ways", Harper's prison expansion plan will be devastating, not only to our pocketbooks, but to who we are as Canadians.

James laxer has a great column in Rabble this week: Over my shoulder: I see Stephen Harper

In it he argues against the Conservative claim that Canadians are fearful of walking the streets. I agree. I am never afraid to go out at night, and rarely lock my doors when I'm home.

Being the potential victim of crime is not as immediate to me as being a victim of Corporate healthcare. I can take precautions to limit my chances of being robbed, but what chance do I have if I'm robbed of my access to medicare?

That's where we need to focus.

And we need to address the root causes of crime, like poverty and mental illness.

Prison expansion is not the answer. Getting rid of a government that believes it is, is.

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