Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stephen Harper Says Those Who Commit Fraud Should Not be Punished

On the campaign trail, the Conservatives are trying to keep all campaigns local, to avoid having to discuss the many scandals and the Contempt of Parliament charges brought against their government.

When pressed on the issue of the "In and Out", where receipts were fabricated to collect money that they weren't entitled to, Stephen Harper simply referred to it as an Administrative dispute".
Are you in a dispute with Revenue Canada as tax time approaches? Take heart. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on your side. At least that's the way I interpret his defence this week of his party's conduct in what is being dubbed the "in-and-out" affair. Elections Canada said the scheme was illegal.

It said the people who took part were breaking the law and that the Conservative party was bilking taxpayers. The Federal Court of Appeal agreed, overturning a lower-court ruling that found Elections Canada had overstepped its authority. Not to worry, Harper said. What we have here is nothing more than an administrative dispute, a mere difference of opinion.
He refuses to take responsibility for anything. The following video comes from someone called angrytory:

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