Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stephen Harper Finally Says Something Intelligent in His Answer to Terry Milewski

Harper challenging and then backing down from a one on one debate with Michael Ignatieff is not making him appear like the tough guy he tries to portray. Rick Mercer tweeted: "When Harper challenged Iggy to debate I missed part where he said in 2015 when debt erased."
Stephen Harper is ignoring the ongoing calls for him to debate Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff one on one. CBC comedian Rick Mercer over the weekend offered to moderate a debate between the two leaders. Other organizations have put their names forward as well, including a public-policy group called Canada2020 that is connected with former CBC host Don Newman. Ignatieff has accepted Mercer's offer. But Harper said he's moved on. "The train has left the station," the Conservative leader told reporters in Ottawa on Sunday.
His answer above sounds more intelligent.

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  1. That's hysterical, my laugh for the evening.