Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nelly Furtado is Encouraging the Youth Vote

Nelly Furtado is engaging her young fans and encouraging them to vote. The only way not to feel powerless.

Haroon Siddiqui reminds us that the election campaign has provided Canadians with an opportunity to assess Harper's performance, and also see the side that some may not have witnessed. His autocratic style and arrogant attitude toward Canadian democracy.
Regardless, Michael Ignatieff did well in the Tuesday debate to take on Harper:

“You keep talking about Parliament as if it’s this little debating society that’s a pesky interference in your rule of the country. It’s not. It’s the Parliament of the people of Canada and they’ve found you in contempt . . .

“We are having an election because you didn’t tell Canadians the truth, you abused democracy. You stiffed Parliament, Mr. Harper. That’s why your government lost confidence; that’s why we’re having an election . . .

“You are a man who will shut down anything you cannot control. That’s the core of your vision of government, and it is hostile to the values of democracy upon which this country is based. You cannot lead this country if you show little respect for democracy.”

Those are clear arguments by the leaders of two of our largest parties for the voters to ponder.
So let's ponder them. Do we really want to set the bar that low?

On May 2, vote and vote wisely.

The following is a video on vote swapping. We are also promoting strategic voting and spreading the message.

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