Monday, April 18, 2011

The Media's Coverage of This Election is Boring as Hell. Come Join the People MSM

Everyday someone else is telling us just how unreliable polling is now, and yet everyday the mainstream media is reporting on poll changes like they're the Sermon on the Mount and only they can be trusted to give them proper reverence.

Put down your polls and your predictions, and your five question limits, and come join the people. This is where the action's at. Social media.

Ordinary Canadians working their butts off, to spread the news. They make videos, create strategic voting options and talk, talk, talk. To each other. From right across the country.And the common theme is getting Harper out. NOW!

There is a group called Klout that assesses the party 's social media scores, and their findings are interesting.

Klout score: 78; True reach: 35,000

Klout score: 76; True reach: 9

Klout score: 75; True reach: 29,000

Klout score: 74; True reach: 8,000

Klout score: 70; True reach: 21,000

All parties are using Twitter to get the message out but the True reach refers to actually engaging others in discussion or debate. Harper just 9, is the lowest. Most of their Tweets only link to the CPC website. Dead end.

However, the real action is with the people and between the people. This election we plan to make history.

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