Thursday, April 7, 2011

Margaret Atwood is Right. This Country is Too Important to Give Harper a Majority

During the 2008 election campaign, the Canadian treasure Margaret Atwood, wrote an Op-ed piece for the Globe and Mail: Anything but a Harper majority. It's excellent and well worth a read.

Atwood has since been targeted by the Conservatives, like many others who oppose their regime, but she's never backed down.

The push is on again to keep Harper from getting a majority. For me I believe a clearer message has to be sent. If we vote this party in again, even with a minority, it means that we support their agenda and they will be impossible.

Lies, corruption, secrets, contempt. We will be supporting it all. Harper is in panic mode because despite his cries to the contrary, we don't elect prime ministers in Canada and in a minority situation, the one who gets to lead, is the one who can earn the confidence of the House. Harper's formal Contempt of Parliament charge, already signals that he can't be trusted, so we could be looking at an extremely legal Liberal minority.

Economists are already refuting the claim that the economy would crumble. Liberals have cleaned up economic messes before and will do so again. And the Liberals will raise corporate income tax so they are better able to expand needed social programs.

The Conservatives did not fall because of their budget, but because of their disregard for Parliament and our elected representatives. However, their budget targets the wealthy voter. Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

In the Conservative ads, they paint Ignatieff as an opportunist, but no one is more of an opportunist than Stephen Harper, shutting down Parliament twice to save his own career, and lying about the legitimacy of a coalition that includes the Bloc, when the only coalition that ever included the full support of the Bloc, was his own.

We have to decide what kind of Canada we want to live in. One where fear mongering and deception define a government, or one chosen by the majority of Canadians who will represent our interests.

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